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[sticky post] If you find your way here!!!

Update: Warning this Journal is not work Safe and is chronicling this journey that is my life and it is most certainly "A kinky dichotomy" which by the way is my twitter name.

I've decided to lock this journal if you want to be added leave a comment and btw you must have a journal that wasn't started yesterday.

Hmmmm.....I've been here journaling since 2004 albeit under other journal titles. This one since 2006. I am in turning 50 in December 2013, recently married...wow it's been almost two years, living with rheumatoid arthritis/lupus/Sjogrens/Fibro and a c-spine injury. Some days are great others not so much. This is where I work out my feelings, life etc. among a small group of LJ friends. I don't write for an audience, but  my style takes into account that there are people reading. I do not censor myself I simply use filters for more personal subjects.

I am about as contradictory as you can get without being a hypocrite. I am a Christian but not RELIGIOUS. I am a Educator but hate the education system we have. I have always been highly sexual but chose celibacy for yrs because I was tired of feeling used. I am soft and gentle but like dealing out pain in a D/s context. I'm very girly but rarely let people see that part of me. I appear very conservative but am a wild child at heart.

My wish to anyone stopping here is: Be Blessed, filled with joy and don't take life so seriously, lighten up and enjoy the journey.
A soft gentle healing breath to all

I'm getting an early start on my list of 20 for today
1. Driving to San Andreas by myself
2. The green of the rolling foothills
3. My cattleman's sandwich (roast beef, cheddar, horseradish!!!!) Yummy!
4. Pims-orange
...5. Feeling safe again
6. The checker at the market
7. Walking through the market and realizing I know these people
8. Getting out for a drive three days in a row
9. Another relatively pain free day
10. Feeling less isolated

Visit www.10happythoughts.com

My Friend Portland Rose has an Awesome Geek Boyfriend Peanut Butter Cup and his new blog is very cool, it's about changing your attitude by changing your perspective by finding 10 happy thoughts or things that made  you smile everyday. Be sure to click the link and read the about section to understand how this came about.

I've been doing this for 12 days now and I definitely am looking at the world differently

Yesterday's List
1. Flirting with Cute Boys!!!
2. Showers
3. Sunshine
4. Clean laundry
5. Seeing former students graduate HS or at least the pics posted on FB
6. Pain free days
7. Not waking up tired
8. Warm socks
9. My sleep number bed
10. Not biting my fingernails!

May is Lupus Awarenes Month


I hope the link works I'm going to post more throughout the month


Just in case you are confused, Daddiesprincess is now ALSO my Little Girl. She is still married and with her Daddie. Right now she needs a mommy and i am sure those of you reading understand why if not direct your questions to me as she is to busy working on getting herself home from the hospital so I am fielding questions for her and her daddie.

She is very precious to me and needs to be surrounded by Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and gentleness at this time. Please remember that in all your dealings with her.

Sex Education For You


I Love Cinderella!


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Another TwistedMonk Rant

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